It is our mission to provide professional body piercing using only the highest quality body jewelry, exceptional customer service, and a great experience.  Our services range from earlobe and cartilage piercing to more exotic options.

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 by Cori on Sacred Piercing
Great Experience!

My daughter wanted a second set of holes in her earlobes and we went to Sacred Piercing to pick out the jewelry. They ended up being able to fit us in the same day. The ladies out front were so kind and informative. Missy did the piercing and she was amazing! We could have talked to her all night! (Sorry for taking up so much of your time, Missy!!) She explained every single step and welcomed any questions. She put us both at ease. The entire shop is beautiful and so clean. We cannot recommend Sacred Piercing enough!

 by Brandon on Sacred Piercing
The best!!

I’ll start by saying I apologize for not remembering the 3 ladies names, I suck at remembering names so sorry about that. I’m pretty certain it was Missy that did my septum piercing. If that’s wrong, again, I apologize. Regardless all 3 ladies that I spoke to are top notch outstanding people. I did not have an appointment scheduled but they fit me in when they had and appointment that was late. I would recommend scheduling but who knows you may get lucky like I did. I could tell they actually care to work with people and not like most shops that give the vibe that they could care less and are only there for the money. When it came time for the actual piercing itself, Missy was absolutely great at explaining every single step and showed that she really cared. I’m more into tattoos and not piercings but I would not go anywhere else if I do decide to get another. I highly recommend this place and will recommend anyone that asks about piercings to give these guys a call before looking anywhere else!

 by Beth on Sacred Piercing
Wonderful Experience

Missy pierced my cartilage and my niece's earlobes, and was absolutely fantastic! She walked us through the entire procedure before even beginning (I've been pierced before, 22 yo niece had not). She was extremely thorough with cleanliness and precision. I have not had a single drop of blood, nor pain AT ALL. I am definitely going back to her for my next piercing.

 by Jessica Leonard on Sacred Piercing
Patient, kind and professional

Missy was extremely professional, kind and patient with my daughter when she pierced her ears. She told her exactly what was happening step by step to set her mind at ease. After the piercing was complete she gave us a clear instructions for aftercare. Highly Recommend!

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